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OSA CHC60 Combined Cleaning & Hardcoat System  
Machine Layout  

OSA CHC 60 Combined Cleaning & Hardcoat System




- Extremely high market leading first pass yields.

- Automation is unique with no moving parts over the process stages.

- Three ultrasonic cleaning stages plus ultrasonic deionised water rinsing.

- The filtration is configured with surface over-flow to remove surface debris.

- Automatic fill and lever control all cleaning and rinse tanks.

- 2 or 3 dip coat stages (2 for index & 1 primer) 4th stage control optional.

- Automatic level control on lacquer tanks. (Optional)

- Clean only facility for mineral lenses.

- Primer stage for polycarbonate lenses.

- Sloping tanks for easy and efficient draining.

- Solvent vapour sensor for ATEX safety

- Simple, single button process selection

- Walking beam/ Mass transfer with facility to bypass process tanks.

- Pre curing stage with IR radiation.


Technical Data

Electrical Supply   : 400V, 3 j N & E (16A per phase). – 50/60Hz

Tank Sizes:

Cleaning                : 120mm x 220mm x 160mm deep

Coating                  :   90mm x 220mm x 120mm deep


Overall Size           : 2800mm x 1000mm x 2050mm high


Lens Size               : 30 – 95 mm diameter


Lenses per Carrier : 6 lenses (3 pairs)


Cycle Time             : 4 minutes per stage


Lenses per hour     : 30 - 45 pairs