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6 Leaf Shape  

Grooved Metal Fining Pad

Metal Fining Pad

Part No: P06090144


A zinc foil smoothing pad for glass lenses and suitable for high speed modern machinery. It is capable of producing many low cost surfaces per pad. The adhesive has been specially developed to give easy and clean removal form the tool after use.


Material: Zinc Alloy

Thickness: 0.30mm

Sizes: 76mm

Suitability: Satisloh, Gerber Coburn, CMV, OSA, Norville Autoflow.

Slurry: Emery

Country of origin: United States of America

Standard Packing: 250pcs/roll - 10rolls/Ctn

Packing Dimension: 40 x 32 x 22cm

Packing Weight: 20Kgs