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Essilor Delta T Edging System

With innovative functions such as shape modification and small frames edging capability, the Essilor Delta T and Tess Tracer simplifies all your jobs and ensures optimum precision.




Shape modification

Shape modification has become indispensable on Nylor and drilled and is incorporated in the Essilor Delta T. You personalize your customer’s frame by altering the half B dimension or by scaling. This function ensures, in particular, the enlargement of the shape for the near vision.


Customized bevels and and grooves

Essilor Delta T provides a wide choice of bevels and grooves to personalize your jobs and produce ready-to-mount lenses from the first edging.


Shape Memory

Essilor Delta T has a memory of 200 shapes. You can call up the shapes either by the number given when tracing or using the barcode reader. You are free to organize your workshop: you prepare your tracing in advance at the requisite moment , you call up the shape you wish to edge or you can work in a continual work stream and machine the last shape traced.


High curve tracing

Tracing high curved frames had been made possible with the Essilor Tess Tracer’s new and unique stylus design.


Big & small frames

With the Essilor Tess Tracer no shape is either too big, small or too complicated to trace.


High precision

A perfect fit of the lens on the frame every time is ensured with high speed and high precision tracing of the Essilor Tess Tracer.