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Silt Lamp Microscope

High grade silt lamp microscope for corneal examination in spectacle shop.
- User friendly ergonomic design provides optimal operability.
- Good resolving power and clear contrast
- Light weight and stabilized main body
- Smooth 3D movement with a single joystick
- Expand wider functions of main unit for clinical examination.
- Equipped with multi-coated, mildeproof and anti reflection lenses.

Technical Data

Microscope type                     Parallel inclined angle type

Magnification                           2 step magnifications

Eye piece                                  10X

Total magnification                10X (Ø18)

& field of view(mm)                16X (Ø14.5)

Range of PD (mm)              55~82

Adjustment of diopter            +/-6D

Silt Width (mm)                        0-9 adjustable

Silt Height (mm)                       1~8 adjustable

Silt Angle                                   0~180°

Silt Inclination                          5,10,15,20°

Light spot diameter (mm)     Ø9, Ø8, Ø5, Ø3, Ø2, Ø1, Ø0.2

Filter                                            Heat absorption, grey, red free, cobalt blue

Illumination bulb                       12V/30 Halogen

Voltage/Frequency                   AC220 +/- 10% 60Hz, AC110V +/-10% 50Hz

Power                                         58VA

Total weight                              51Kgs

Table Size:                                 55(L) x 37(W)cm

Table Fully Lowered:               70cm

Table Fully Raised:                   87cm

Slit Lamp Size:                          36(L) x 32(W) x 66(H)cm