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Auto Centering Machine


-High productivity


-Copying function


Country of Origin: Korea

Technical Data
                             Specification                                                    <60Hz Rated>
                              Model                             HCA-05                          HCC-05
                              Division of machine  Centering             Centering & Copying
                              Working diameter                       Ø3 ~ Ø54
Speed of work   High                                              0 ~ 540 rpm
spindle                Low                                                0 ~ 18 rpm
                              Min working time                             12sec
                              Control of step                5 - Step (Volume control)
Thread spec of  Type A                                 M20 X 24Ш (Standard)
 holder                 Type B                                          M12 X 1.5P
                              Min setting of outer dia. 0.002mm (Value of radius)
                              Spindle sleeve                  Work (Ø60) / Wheel (Ø50)
                              Dia. wheel size                Ø160 / Ø120 X 30H7 X 20T
                              Upper axis stock                              50mm
                              Adj. range of lower axis                 10mm
                              Rotation speed of dia. wheel      3500rpm
                              Diametrical  feed range                20.5mm
                              Diametrical adj. range                    50mm
 Dia.wheel axis  Axial feed range                              10mm
                              Axial adj range                                 15mm
                              Air pressure                                    5kgf/cm²
                              Power supply                                 3Ø 220V
                              Dimension                           L1872 X W977 XH2060
                              Weight                                                720kg