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Ophthalmic Lens Coating Machine OSA-90T

The box-type ophthalmic lens coating system is designed to provide AR-Coating on ophthalmic lenses. The unit can be installed in clean, dry rooms of vacuum labs or vacuum coating workshops.

Technical Data
Basic System Configuration
Pumping system
Turbo Molecular pump T-1600(LEYBOLD), Rotary vane pump model E2M80 (Edwards Highvacuum,UK), Cyropump for water vapour pumping model VTC CRYO-6.
Evaporation Source
TELEMARK (USA) Electron Beam Evaporator with 6-Pocket crucible.
A beam pattern controller is used for optimization the evaporation.
Substrate Heating system
The Heating system incorporates two infrared heaters, a thyristor unit and PID controller.
The system provides heating to max, temperatures of 150°C.
3-kW infrared heater with auto temperature control provides uniform substrate heating over the dome.
Control System : Fully automatic PC system
.Control Hardware
-Industrial PC system with Real-time software
-Profibus I/O-system (Industrial Ethernet or CAN open I/O-system on request)
-PCI-Bus controller cards for film thickness measurement and rate control
-EB-Gun sweep control, emission and filament current control
-Uninterruptible power supply.
,Control Software
-Fully automatic operation via user editable recipes
-Modular recipe structure
-Semi automatic and manual operation on the graphical user interface
-Password protected operation modes(Automatic, manual, service)
-Direct access to all control and I/O-functions (service mode)
-Process protocol, event and error protocol
-Online Help system
-Remote diagnostics and remote operation via Ethernet network or via modem.
Concept: EB-gun evaporation with Ion-beam pre-cleaning for AR-coating on ophthalmic lens.
Overall dimension: W X D X Hmm: 2100 X 2000 X 2200
Capacity, ophthalmic lens of 70mm dia per batch: 90
Chamber diameter,mm: 900
Ultimate vaccum pressure, torr: 1 X 10¯6
Substrate Holder: 3 Segment aluminum Dome, with single rotation
Power Consumption,kW: (220/380VAC-3Phase-50/60Hz) 32