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Toric Lens Smoothing & Polishing Machine (For Mold & RX)


-By use of improved reduction gear, width of oscillation movement is easily adjusted. Safety and life of reduction gear are also sharply improved.

-With innovational mechanism of upper axis (pressure axis), Safety and life of reduction gear are also sharply improved.

-By use of improved bearings for pivot of upper axis bridge, vibration of the machine is minimized to raise productivity and extend lifespan.

-Semi-auto tool chucking system makes efficiency of work better.


Country of Origin: Korea

Technical Data

Model                        WNS-2 (Mold/RX)            WNS-4 (Mold/RX)

Number of axis                        2                                            4

Working range        Convex : ∞ ~ 12dpt            Convex : ∞ ~ 12dpt

                                    Concave : ∞ ~ 20dpt          Concave : ∞ ~ 20dpt

Working diameter                                Ø50 ~ 90mm

Speed of main spindle                           500 – 900rpm

Upper axis drive                      Double eccentrical movement

Adjustable range                     Left - Right +/- 5.5 ~ 15.5mm

                                                          Front – Rear +/- 2t - 5°

                                                       Adjustable via. 0 ~ 10mm

Power supply                                        3/220V/1.0KVA

Compressed air                                         5kgf/cm²

Dimension          L662 X W750 X H1600              L1060 X W750 X H1600

Weight                             250Kg                                             350Kg