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Alloy Blocker



-With centering device, centre marker for blocking is not need for mould and RX plano.

-Adoption of circular system of coolant water shortens the time of solidification of alloy to raise productivity.

-Two station type is standard. One station type is optional.


Country of Origin: Korea

Technical Data

Model                          WBL-2M                           WBL-2R

Type of work                 Mold                                RX-Lens

Capacity                            Approx, 100~110 lenses/h

Blocking type                Plano                         Prismatic, Plano

Lens diameter             70~90mm                          55~85mm

Axis position                                       0~360°

Temperature range                             0~99°

Blocking material                                Alloy

Alloy volume            6liter (=Approx, 60kg), (1.5gal= Approx 132lbs)

Compressed air                              5bars (72psi)

Power supply                 220V (1Ø L1, N, PE, 2.5kW, 12A)

Dimension             L520 X W380 X H440 (L20.5 X W15 X W17.3inch)

Weight                                          36Kg (79.2lbs)