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DRC-1 Controller  
6.4 Inch Full Color LCD  
Convenient Function Key  
Automatic PD Control  
Convergence For Accuracy  
Networking System  

UDR-700 Digitalized Phropter

- Automatic PD control
- 6.4 inch full colored LCD panel
- Tilting monitor
- Convergence for accuracy
- Convenient function key

 Country of origin: Korea

Technical Data


Spherical Lens -29.00~+26.75D (Regular)
-19.00~+16.75D (Cross Cylinder or Prism test)
(0.12D/0.25D/0.5D/2.0D/3.0D/4.0D increments)
Cylinder Lens 0.00~+/-8.75D (0.25D/0.5D/1D/2D/3D increments)
Cylinder Axis 0~180 degrees (1 degree / 5 degrees / 15 degrees increments)
PD 48~80mm (0.5/1mm increments) Near walking distance: 35~70cm
Rotary Prism 0~20Δ (0.1Δ/0.2Δ/0.5Δ/1Δ/2Δ increments)
Cross Cylinder  +/-0.25D, +/-0.50, +/-0.25D Dual Cross Cylinder (Dual Cross Cylinder)
Retinoscope  +1.5D, +2.0D (Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm)

Auxillary Lens

Pin Hole Lens 1mm Diameter
Madox Right Eye (Red, Horizontal) Left Eye (Red, Vertical)
Red/Green Filter Right Eye (Red) Left Eye (Green)
Polarizing Filter Right Eye (135 degree, 45 degree) Left Eye (45 degree, 135 degree)
Split Prism Right Eye (6ΔBU), Left Eye (10ΔBI: up to 5Δ complement)
Fixed Cross Cylinder (+/-0.50D, Fixed with the axis set at 90 degree)