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Leap Pad Shapes  
1696M Dimension  

Edging/Blocking Consumables

Our high quality Lens Edging Pads have always been recognized as a premium product.


Now we have added a special tab to ensure easy removal from the lens. They will not distort during use and the special adhesive removes cleanly and easily from the lens after use.


Available in :


Part no: 6090490

Leap pad III 1696M - 18mm x 28mm (1000pcs/roll) Small frames

Standard Packing - 24roll/Ctn

Packing Dimension - 42 X 36 X 39

Weight - 8.4Kgs



Part no: 6090331

Leap pad III 1695M - dia. 24mm (2000pcs/roll)

Standard Packing - 14roll/Ctn

Packing Dimension - 42 X 36 X 39

Weight - 10.2Kgs



Part no: 6090069A

Leap pad III 1701M - dia. 24mm (1000pcs/roll)

Standard Packing - 30roll/Ctn

Packing Dimension - 42 X 36 X 39

Weight - 11.8Kgs



Part no: 6090269A
Leap pad III 1693M - dia. 18mm (1000pcs/roll)
Standard Packing - 20roll/Ctn
Packing Dimension - 49 X 35 X 35
Weight - 3 Kgs



Part no: 6090536
Leap pad III 1712NR - 18mm oval (1000pcs/roll)