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Shapes of Plastic Polishing Pads  

Plastic Polishing Pads

A new polishing pad specially developed for all types of machine and lenses materials. The silicone coated backing and uniform velveteen nap gives a firm pad with excellent curve reproduction capabilities.


Available in:

P06090440B   - 83mm 6 Leaf w/o Hole (500pcs/roll)

P06090283     - 76mm 6 Leaf w Hole (250pcs/roll)

P06090417     - 83mm 7 Leaf w/o Hole (250pcs/roll)

P06090114     - 83mm 6 Leaf w Hole (250pcs/roll)


Hepta Blanc Polishing Pads

P06281095     - 90mm 7 Leaf w Hole (500pcs/roll)

P06090306     - 80mm 7 Leaf w Hole (500pcs/roll)


OSA 600

P06090484A  - 89mm 7 Leaf w/o Hole (500pcs/roll)

Please contact us for standard packing dimension and weight.