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Optotech ASM 60 - CNC - TC


  • Ideal start-up machine for optical freeform production
  • 2 spindle generator
  • Fast pre-processing due to a PCD cutter
  • Sintered diamond tool for the fine cut
  • Superb form accuracy and very little sub surface damaging. Moreover the lenses don't have a problem spot at the center due to optimized raster kinematics
  • The inexpensive, efficient design of the machine gives rise to an unrivaled price-to-performance ratio
  • Accessories: Axis Adjuster, Coolant Unit, Recooling Unit, Barcode Hand Scanner, Remote Diagnosis, Interface 

Technical Data

Performance Data :

  • Working Range Ø 48 to 80 mm
  • Working Range Radius cx 12.5 dpt. to plano (Best Fit Radius); cc -12.5 dpt. to plano (Best Fit Radius) 
  • Cut-to-polish: approx. 20 to 30 Freeform Surfaces/h  



Range of Application:

Production of RX-surfaces for ophthalmic lenses including edging (elliptic and bevel) like progressive-addition, spheric, toric, a-toric and prismatic surfaces, convex and concave lenses made of organic synthetics, silicate glass or aluminium