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BPI Turbo Tinter 4

BPI® Turbo Tinters™ tint high index, hard coats and polycarbonate lenses better and faster than conventional systems. The lenses are heated by IR light from the ceramic heating chambers. (Except BPI® Turbo 6™, which utilizes transfer fluid). This method of heating causes the surface of the lenses to be heated higher than boiling point allowing better and more even tint penetration. The tint is kept in constant motion by the automatic stirring mechanism. The computer maintains a steady temperature (± 2°) in each tank. 

Technical Data

Tanks                    : 4 Tanks

Tanks size            : 1.5L ( 1.58qts )

Dimension           : 762mm x 343mm x 305mm ( 30" x 13.5" x 12" ) - L x W x H

Weight                   : 32.68kg ( 72lbs )

Transfer Fluid       : NONE

Voltage                   : 220V, single phase

Amperage              : 18 amps