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Mr Orange Edging System  
High Base Curve Tracing  
Simplified Blocking  
A Highly Stimulating Requirement Level  
A Highly Stimulating Requirement Level 2  

Essilor Mr Orange Edging System

A perfectly balanced concentrate of energies
Whatever the finish or curvature of the lens, Mr Orange's wide array of functions guarantees top quality results.

Technical Data


High Base Curve Tracing
*        Binocular tracing in 3 dimensions up to base 9
*        Feeler profile and inclination* designed to follow even the most complex grooves
*        Mechanical design recognized for its precision and regularity
Camera System
*        Simultaneous acquisition of the shape and drilling data
*        Direct tracing without handling the lens or any accessories.
*        Simple, easy access to the shape and drilling libraries
Precise Centering
*        Centering aid: real-time orientation and validation of the best centering position.
*        Centering free from all prismatic effects, irrespective of the lens power.
*        Automatic adjustment of decentrations depending on the frame parameters (curve angle, base and pantoscopic tilt) and on the wearer data.
Simplified Blocking
*        Centering space designed for all lens geometries: curved, large diameter and recut lenses.
*        Hand rest and front loading blocking arm designed for ambidextrous use.
*        Soft touch finish of the centering range for work comfort and more accuracy.
A Highly Stimulating Requirement Level

*        30o tool inclination: combined with analysis of the lens geometry, this movement amplitude is the only one to guarantee an outstanding result, irrespective of the camber.

*        Fit-4-frame technology :
Exclusive and patented, this function is used to determine at 4 strategic points the bevel profile best adapted to the frame groove depending in lens thickness.
Result :the lens is held perfectly without compromising the aesthetics