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OSA 550 Polishing Pad  
OSA 550 Shape  

OSA 550 Polishing Pad

OSA introduces the new OSA 550 organic ophthalmic lens polishing pad. The OSA 550 is a top end pad using high quality materials to guarantee the highest level of consistency. It is suitable  for all substrates: good on PC and high index lenses. Special care were taken when anchoring the fibers to the backing to aviod cloging filters and pumps.

Technical Data

Part No: P06090484B

Finished Product

Material : Textile carrier coated on one side with precision cut, rayon flocked fibers.

Application : Organic ophthalmic lens polishing

Thickness : About 1mm

Number of Uses : Single-use

Number of Leaves : 7

Dimensions : 89 mm ( 3,50 ") without hole 



Materials : One-sided silicone-coated paper



Type : Pressure sensitive adhesive

           Removable rubber specially designed for lap tools.

           No residue on tool after polishing



Type : Rayon flocked fibers



Production Unit : Roll of 500 pads on a cardboard core with an inner diameter of 76 mm  (3 inches) rolled inside the protective paper

Packaging Unit : Box of 6 rolls of 500 pads, that is 3000 pads.

Invoicing Unit : 500 pcs/roll