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Ophthalmic Coating Machine OSA -40T

The box-type ophthalmic lens coating system is designed to provide AR-Coating on ophthalmic lenses. The unit can be installed in clean, dry rooms of vacuum labs or vacuum coating workshops.

The main features of the OSA-40T ophthalmic lens coater are:


Compact design

Size: 1100(W) x 1600(D) x 1900(H) Allows installing the coater in small labs.


Utility built-in

Makes the coater easy and comfortable in installation.


Flexibility in coating

Universal design allows providing different kind of optical coatings.


Small power consumption

Max. 17kW, average 10kW


Robust, rigged design

Designed for 24-hour production.


Ion source utilizing

Allows to provide pre-cleaning and IAD.


Manufacture support

Training at Manufacturer site, installation, training at Buyer site after installation and friendly after service support.


Technical Data

Basic System Configuration

Pumping system

Includes T-1600 Turbo Molecular pump (LEYBOLD), Rotary vane pump model E2M40 (Edwards Highvacuum,UK), Cyro-6 water vapor Cryo pump.


Evaporation Source

EB-Gun Max. Power 3kW, Crucible has 6 pockets of 4cc each.


Ion Source

VTC-2, End-Hall type, Gas system for reactive gas included.


Substrate Heating System

Infra Red heater of 2.0kW and reflector.


Substrate Holder

3-Segment AI Dome, or flip-over system available.


Control system: Fully automatic PC control system

Control Hardware

-Industrial PC system with Real-time software

-Profibus I/O-system (Industrial Ethernet or CAN open I/O-system on request)

-PCI-Bus controller card for film thickness measurement and rate control, EB-Gun sweep control, emission and

 filament current control

-Uninterruptible power supply


Control Software

-Fully automatic operation via user editable recipes

-Modular recipe structure

-Semi automatic and manual operation on the graphical user interface

-Password protected operation modes (Automatic, Manual, Service)

-Direct access to all control and I/O-functions (Service mode)

-Data acquisition and process data visualization

-Process protocol, event and error protocol

-Online help system

-Remote diagnostics and remote operation via Ethernet network or via modem


Main Technical Data

1. Chamber size, mm                                       600(D) x 800(H)

2. Ultimate Vacuum, mbar                                 2 x 10¯6

3. Batch Capacity, approx. lenses (Dome)          40

4. Batch Capacity, lens (flip over)                       16

5. Average cycle time, mm                                40


System Options

OSA also provides full package for vacuum labs, including Ultrasonic lens cleaning systems with hardcoating machine, laminar flow booth, lens drying oven and many more.